Monday, August 31, 2015

Completing projects!

It took me all summer to finish my big project! I refinished our table and chairs and bench. I should have taken more pictures. We bought the table set when we first moved into the house almost 6 years ago. It was not an expensive set. I knew I would refinish it some day, and decided that this summer was the summer.

The table had these grooves on the top, which I hated. Crumbs were always getting stuck in them. I decided to fill them with wood filler, and then paint the top of the table, while staining everything else a heathered gray stain. That was my big problem. I managed to create a chemical reaction the first time I did the table top. I filled the grooves, sanded and sanded. Primed, painted, and polyurethaned. Then, my gray top sprouted orange lines where the grooves had been! So, I had to redo the table top. I went with a darker paint that I mixed with plaster of paris to make a thicker chalk paint. I also changed poly. So far, no chemical reaction!!

No orange lines!!

We decided to reupholster the chairs with laminated cotton, and found this cool pattern online. I'm sure it's a little wild for most tastes, but we like it. Bob likes how science-y it looks, and I'm into geometric patterns right now.

The table top is a little lighter than the stained legs and chairs, but I will live with it. I've finished, and almost finished a couple of other projects! Yay! I will take pictures of them, and get them up soon. Trying to stage them in our living room at the moment.