Tuesday, August 11, 2015

First day of school!

Little Elvis and Baby Plum headed back to school last week. We start very early down here.
Baby Plum's in kindergarten. He didn't get Little Elvis' kindergarten teacher, (who we LOVED) because I didn't realize you could request teachers. But that's ok. His teacher seems pretty nice, and he knew 4 boys in his class. I think he's doing well. He comes to the car with a big smile on his face each afternoon.
Little Elvis is in third grade, and I graduated high school with one of his teachers. She seems really nice, and he seems to like it so far. He knew several kids in his class, and gets to see his best friend from last year some. Third was the grade where things got hard for me. I remember having lots more homework. We're going to try to take it easy with him this fall just in case. He's got football, and will have the play. But if football proves too much with school, he may not try out. We'll see.
Since his brothers got their pictures made, Cheese Puff wanted his made as well. He's holding his latest favorite stuffy -- a dog named Sparky. He starts school next week! They moved pre-school up this year. We'll go meet his teacher this evening. He's getting Baby Plum's old teacher. She said she was thrilled to have him in her class.