Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First football game!

 Little Elvis had his first football game on Saturday morning! He plays for the Titans.
 They held opening ceremonies, and the little girls who signed up for Park and Rec cheerleading made signs and stood in a tunnel type formation for all of the teams to run through. How cute is that?
It would have been cuter if I had been able to better figure out my phone camera. He's in there somewhere. The sign said "Go Titans!" I think.
 My mom sent me this picture. He's out there.
Here he is lined up. We figured we'd be lucky if he made it past one game. His team lost, but he's having fun! And he's (semi) willing to practice. My dad is using his brothers (Baby Plum and Cheese Puff) to teach him formations, and he's kind of working on throwing and catching. Cheese Puff wants to help him with the throwing and catching, and has taken several beans to the face. Maybe he'll stick with it. It's nice not having to force him to practice, or go to games.