Wednesday, August 05, 2015


My dad and Little Elvis were very excited about more than just the beach on our trip -- they were also looking forward to eating seafood! Mainly, they wanted crab. So, we planned, and made our way to a seafood restaurant one day.
I should have taken pictures at the restaurant. Little Elvis ate crab, shrimp, salmon, and tried several fishy things he'd never tried before. He's a picky eater, but not when it comes to seafood.

Baby Plum? Not a fan. He wouldn't even eat the chicken fingers or macaroni and cheese. Finally, I took our picky child up to the dessert bar, and he got his money's worth of sweets. We stacked a plate, and he went back to get pudding after he finished most of what was on his plate. (Baby Plum almost always drops some of his food on the floor. It's just part of who he is.)

Cheese Puff? Tried to eat his weight in macaroni and cheese.
Aside from the food, this restaurant had a live mermaid swimming! Why didn't I take a picture? She smiled and talked to the boys some.

We took pictures with different things outside the restaurant. I love how Cheese Puff is posing. It's like he's in a little portrait studio.
They even had a big pirate ship!


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The pirate ship is neat! Could you go on it?

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