Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Little Magpie

Thank goodness for collapsible laundry hampers! My kids have all loved them. Cheese Puff has recently become a little magpie. He likes to collect lots of random little things (rocks, leaves, marbles, etc.) and then carry them around and leave them in random places.
Last week, his random place was their collapsible hamper. He had me take pictures of him holding up each small object. That might be an actual toy... a car maybe?
Two items. See?
That might be a marble or a leaf.
A ball? Or a lid to something?
A rock.
A bigger rock.
A car.
Smiling on Baby Plum's birthday.
That morning, Cheese Puff decided to draw an H. I think it's a really good H.
He did too. He drew it with his left hand, because he decided to put a glove on his right hand.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Baby Plum's 6!

Our Baby Plum turned 6 yesterday. He's very proud of this accomplishment. It's crazy to think he used to be
this small. He looks so sweet there.. Almost smiling even.
He still looks sweet, even when Mommy manages to do something to the camera to make his face fuzzy. He got breakfast in bed on his birthday morning. Little Elvis had the idea to do it. It was Cheerios with milk and strawberries. Yes, he spilled the milk in his bed.
He was supposed to wear blue and yellow, and I thought he'd like to wear a minion shirt, so he wore Little Elvis' minion shirt to school. Since he was good all week, he got to wear socks in the classroom. I loaned him a pair of "my" soccer socks. He was very proud of his look.
They were all ready for school early, so they sat in the driveway and drew with sidewalk chalk.
We got him a Happy Meal for lunch, and brought popsicles for his class. His teacher made him his special crown. I loved the hair.
His class seemed to enjoy the popsicles. There's his teacher. She was Little Elvis' teacher, and we love that they both got to have her. She's an amazing teacher.
Enjoying his minion popsicle.
We found minion cupcakes made with Twinkies on pinterest. He loved them. We found Twinkies with stick on minion faces, and thought we were doing great. But they only came with six faces. So, we used Smarties and black frosting on the others. He helped do a couple of the faces.
He frosted the cookies. He was very proud of himself. Mommy should have let him do more on the cupcakes.
Little Elvis made him a birthday sign. It turned out really well.
Getting ready to blow out his birthday candles. We invited 7 little boys, and 5 showed up. He seemed very happy with the turnout, and had a great time playing with his friends. He did manage to fall off of the trampoline. Not sure if he fell out, or fell getting in. He's ok, but it was scary.

We're very proud of our sweet little boy. He's gotten so good at reading! He really worked hard this summer, and enjoys reading. He loves checking out books at the school library, and seems to like the books we find at our library, too. He still likes the I Spy type books, but now that he's a more confident reader, he likes just about anything. He never complains about doing his homework, and is getting better at writing. I love how he spells things, and how he draws family portraits.

He also LOVES maps and states. My parents have a game called "Stack the States" on their iPads that he adores. He knows most states by their shapes, and can place them in the correct spot on maps. We've gotten him a few US and world puzzles that he also likes. Bob often sings the "50 States that Rhyme," and Baby Plum's gotten very good at singing it. He's not loud, but he does a good job.

The other day we were behind a car from Illinois. I made the comment that the car was a long way from home. He said, "No, it's not. It just has to drive through Tennessee and Kentucky to get home."

This child still enjoys games and puzzles, and the activities from color/activity books.

He's our laid back baby, and typically just goes with the flow. He seems to have lots of friends at school, and while he's our quietest child, he might be our most social. He's not shy. He's not one to hide behind legs.

And he's sweet. They are all sweet. But in very different ways. He is by far our most helpful boy. He's very proud of this distinction. He pays attention to his friends, and learns names. He can tell me which one has brothers or sisters, etc. He's a good listener that way.

He's not super-snuggly. I like to say he's like a cat. He wants affection on his terms. He stands stock still for hugs sometimes, and we have to tell him to use his arms. But then other times he will come and get in my lap. He'll stay for a while, as long as I don't hug him too tightly.

He's also funny. I think he's got what's called a dry sense of humor, and possibly a little sarcastic.

I haven't been able to go to any of his soccer games this year, and am not sure if he's very good. But he loves it. He really likes playing soccer and practicing with his team. He has lots of fun with it.

We're still fighting the thumb sucking battle with him, but I think it's getting better. Whenever I think that, he gets worse for a bit, though.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Grandparents Day

My poor parents had quite the Grandparents' Day week. They started by going to a performance at Baby Plum's school. His class sang songs.
He reminded me that he needed to wear blue shorts and a shirt with nothing on it. He picked out the color. It's nice having a child that helps me remember things like that.
Here he is waiting to perform with his class. He wouldn't sing any of the songs for me later that day...

They then got the opportunity to take lunch to Little Elvis for his Grandparents' Day. After that, they got to pay to eat breakfast with Cheese Puff.

So, all the festivities kept them busy!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Who needs college football?

While Little Elvis explored the campus of Mississippi State, Baby Plum and Cheese Puff played with Gram. She took them to a new splash pad in our town.
Their mommy forgot to pack their swimsuits. So, they played in their clothes.
We call this the car wash. We asked if the splash pad had a car wash. Cheese Puff said no. Baby Plum didn't answer.
They also got to have a picnic after they splashed for a while.
Mr. Big Eyes was cold. He's shivering.
They also "watched" the football game.

Baby Plum cried at first when he realized he wasn't going to the game. But I think he had a much better time with Gram and Cheese Puff.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

First college game day!

We took Little Elvis to my old stomping grounds yesterday. My dad got us great tickets to the big game against LSU last night, and he took Little Elvis, Bob and me to see the big game.

We got to Starkville early so Little Elvis could look at the different landmarks he's read about in an SEC book (from 1993) and MSU's media guide from 2003. Poor baby. He's got old knowledge, but he knows it.
He posed with a bully statue in front of the stadium. That was not there when I went to State. Man I felt old. The campus had changed SO MUCH. I'm terrible with directions anyway, but it didn't help that so many things were different.
This is also new. It's a cool marble map of Mississippi with the counties outlined.
They marked MSU's location, and Little Elvis loved it.
I don't remember this bell, but maybe it was there. Like the hat? We bought it for him for Christmas, but once we found out about the game, we decided to give it to him early.
He was so excited to eat in the MSU cafeteria. He'd read about it in the 1993 SEC guide. That guide said it was the most beautiful in the SEC. Or he interpreted it to say that. It's nice. It seems lighter since I was last there.
They have original wooden beams, and flags flying from every state in there. We had to show that off.
This is the MSU chapel. It was an old building that I believed burned down at some point. I think they rebuilt the tower with the original bricks. But I do tend to just make up and believe my own stories about things sometimes.
We took this picture on our way to our seats. Tailgating was nothing like this when I went to State. The stadium is a lot bigger since I graduated, and you can tell by the sheer number of people wearing maroon and white.
Ringing his bell.
Do I look happy? I have earplugs in, so I didn't hear much of what was going on. I had to get my dad to repeat every official call, because I had no clue what was said.
Showing off his bell.

We didn't think about Little Elvis' extreme competitiveness and sadness when faced with loss until LSU scored it's first touchdown.

Little Elvis became a rabid fan last year when my alma mater somehow became ranked number one in the nation for several weeks. That might not have been a fluke, but it was a first. When we cracked the top twenty while I was there, it was huge! Needless to say, most MSU fans are used to not always winning. Little Elvis is not used to that. The first quarter (first half really) were terrible for our Bulldogs. But they stuck with it! They had a remarkable second half, and came within one stupid timeout of winning. It was an awesome game that started at 8:15 p.m. Despite that late start, almost all of the fans stayed through the entire game. The loss was gut-wrenching, but we were really proud of the way the team rallied and played during the second half. They were ranked 25th, while LSU was in the teens.

Little Elvis didn't understand any of this, and was heartbroken when his team lost at the last second. It came down to an extremely long field goal kick at the end. Our kicker made it the first time he tried, but LSU had called its second time out, and it didn't count. He didn't make it the second time.
It was upsetting for all MSU fans. Little Elvis cried and cried. It was so sad. I wish that time out hadn't happened. For the players as well as their sweet number 1 fan.

Friday, September 11, 2015

He finally naps!

What does it take to get Cheese Puff to nap?
A very busy holiday weekend, a comfy couch,...
and two older brothers who are too busy reading to get into a fight with him.
My latest project is now in the living room! I bought a hexagon shaped end table at a thrift store months ago, and finally finished working on it. I have a lamp on it, but am looking for just the right shade. Once I have that, I will take pics. I also updated our old sewing table. That thing has seen so many iterations. I hope this one lasts. My projects are probably going to take a hiatus for a few weeks -- auditions for our upcoming children's play are this weekend. I'm the director (not extremely qualified, but I am breathing and an adult who will show up.)

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Labor Day celebrations

We celebrated Labor Day at my parents' cabin.
The boys had a great time, especially every time they got into the water.
This one refused to nap on the way up. Baby Plum did. Poor Cheese Puff's hitting the "thunderous threes," and can use the extra sleep.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Pajamas, Minnie and Minions

A couple of weeks ago I decided to rent "Singing in the Rain" for the boys. We had tried "Mary Poppins" earlier in the summer, and they loved it!

Two liked Singing in the Rain just fine... one LOVED it. Cheese Puff decided to start most mornings by watching "Make them Laugh" and trying to imitate Donald O'Conner.
O'Conner danced with a dummy for part of the dance, and Cheese Puff used Minnie sometimes.
I got video of this extremely cute event, and he's dancing with a Minion for that. I will have to upload it.
Speaking of Minions, I had Cheese Puff with me at the grocery store last week, and they had Minion shirts on sale. We had to get one for each boy, and he picked out which one we got for his "boys." They were very excited about their new shirts.