Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Little Magpie

Thank goodness for collapsible laundry hampers! My kids have all loved them. Cheese Puff has recently become a little magpie. He likes to collect lots of random little things (rocks, leaves, marbles, etc.) and then carry them around and leave them in random places.
Last week, his random place was their collapsible hamper. He had me take pictures of him holding up each small object. That might be an actual toy... a car maybe?
Two items. See?
That might be a marble or a leaf.
A ball? Or a lid to something?
A rock.
A bigger rock.
A car.
Smiling on Baby Plum's birthday.
That morning, Cheese Puff decided to draw an H. I think it's a really good H.
He did too. He drew it with his left hand, because he decided to put a glove on his right hand.


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