Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Pajamas, Minnie and Minions

A couple of weeks ago I decided to rent "Singing in the Rain" for the boys. We had tried "Mary Poppins" earlier in the summer, and they loved it!

Two liked Singing in the Rain just fine... one LOVED it. Cheese Puff decided to start most mornings by watching "Make them Laugh" and trying to imitate Donald O'Conner.
O'Conner danced with a dummy for part of the dance, and Cheese Puff used Minnie sometimes.
I got video of this extremely cute event, and he's dancing with a Minion for that. I will have to upload it.
Speaking of Minions, I had Cheese Puff with me at the grocery store last week, and they had Minion shirts on sale. We had to get one for each boy, and he picked out which one we got for his "boys." They were very excited about their new shirts.


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