Saturday, October 17, 2015

Directing is a little harder than I thought it would be....

I've not been posting very regularly. I'm kind of wrapped up in this upcoming play. Since introducing Little Elvis to plays with our local children's theatre group, I've managed to work my way up from parent to costume person, to co-director, to director/president of the group. This isn't because of my extensive background in theatre, music or child management. No, this is because I'm just like Ado Annie from Oklahoma! (Bob's favorite musical) I'm just a girl who cain't say no to any group asking me for help.

So, yeah. I'm trying my best. There are 45 kids in this play! All three of my boys are in it, even though Cheese Puff is technically way too young -- he's supposed to be 5. My excuse is that I'm there, and he knows all the songs and dances anyway. And he's really cute. He's not so cute when he won't stop talking out in the audience, though. He's got a thing for older ladies, and has really charmed a 5th grade girl, and a 1st grade girl. The first grader even wore her pajamas to Thursday night's practice to be like him. So, he's a trend-setter and lady-killer.

Directing a play is way different than doing costumes, or bringing your kid to practice. There's so much to take care of, and I'm doing my best to keep up with it all. I tried to do lots of prep work, which helped us out for the most part. I say us, because my assistant director is a total rock star. She's been great, and I couldn't have done this without her. She was in band in high school, and is much more musical than I am. That helps a lot with the musical numbers. We also have two board members who have been involved for decades that are really helping us out.

For the most part, our parents have been great. Which helps. We have several moms (and Bob) working on sets, which are almost done and super-cute. We have several moms working on costumes, and they are done! They are low-key (my preference for kids' costumes) and very cute.

We have an amazing mom on fundraising who has done stuff I didn't know we could do, and I'm struggling to keep up with her great ideas. It never occurred to me to ask for sponsors for shows. There's a reason I'm not a fund-raiser.

We have super-crafty moms who are making cute kiddy bags that we can sell to the actor's parents. They also want to paint faces before the plays.

We have a lot going for us, but I'm still over-whelmed. I know the parents that sit through practice (I've asked them to, to help manage the kids when they aren't on stage) must think I'm crazy and terrible. I'm doing my best, and I think it will work out, but I question myself on an hourly basis.

This is a nice big cast, with a LOT of new faces. I don't want to run these kids, or their parents, off with my bad job of directing.

I also fuss at poor Little Elvis a lot. He's got a decent part, and is doing pretty well with it. But he gets wild, and it makes things difficult for me. When the kids act up, I tend to blame him for showing them that it's ok not to obey me. He's been a little better, and he's doing a great job with his part.

Baby Plum's missed a lot recently for soccer. That's probably the thing that frustrates me the most. I haven't seen any of his soccer games this fall, and I won't get to because of practice. My dad takes him. He scored a goal last Thursday, and I missed it. I hate that. I stay home. I should be able to watch my baby score soccer goals. I'm glad my dad's able to go, though. Baby Plum has someone there cheering him on.

That's it. I will now get back to posting about cute little boys. Although it most likely won't be regular for a few more weeks.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I think it's amazing that you are doing this! Forty five kids! WOW!!! I'm humbled. I also really admire you for taking this on! It stinks to be missing the soccer games, but I know you are creating a huge number of memories for all those 44 other kids and their parents. I would be super thankful as a parent!

8:47 AM  
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