Sunday, November 08, 2015

It's over! And I think it was a success!

The play is officially over! Yay! We ended up with a cast of 44 kids ages 3-7th grade for our production of "Disney's 101 Dalmatians Kids!" And the kids did a great job! They had 3 performances this weekend, and did a great job with all three.
Here are my three actors after the final performance. Our sets moms made us a backdrop for pictures. My Dalmatians took their ears off before the picture. The costumes were low-tech, which is my preference. We heard great feedback about them!
Here we are on opening night. There are their ears! Little Elvis played a human bad guy named Jasper. He had a tendency to put his back to the audience, but he's loud enough that you could hear him anyway. Baby Plum had one line, and said it loudly. Cheese Puff was just super-cute. He sang most of the time, and did a pretty good job getting to where he needed to be.

The numbers aren't in, but I think turnout was great! And, we got feedback from lots of people that it was the best they'd seen. Since I have no real experience, or knowledge, that was very nice to hear.

I was talking to a long-time board member afterward, and he asked if we had any angry parents or kids. We didn't. Not once. So, another sign of success. I didn't offend any parents. At least not enough for them to tell me. In fact, most parents seemed very happy, and told me their kids will be back for our Spring musical. I'm not directing. My hope is to just do costumes. I will do what is needed, though.

The star of the show had a rough personal time, but she was amazing, and came up to hug me afterwards. I'm so glad the play was a good experience for her! 

This was a true family affair. Bob helped out a lot. Several of the moms (that's mainly who help) were very impressed that he was so involved. He helped us put set pieces together, pull down dividers for intermissions, keep the kids under control, and even clean. They were jealous.

I'm so glad that the play went well.

Not that we have much time to rest. I decided to sign up for a local craft fair, and have had to make an inventory. I spent last Wednesday sewing stuffed owls. Tomorrow, I plan to make a milk bath mixture. And I need to put a small folding chair back together that I tried to spruce up. I may do a couple of more headache pillows. We will see. It's next Thursday. I should do a focus group on my planned items to sell.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Congratulations! It looks like it was a lot of fun (as well as work)! What an awesome gift to give to your community.

The craft fair sounds exciting. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it. AND crossing my fingers that you get to take a little break afterwards....

12:46 PM  
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