Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thanksgiving parties!

Friday was another fairly busy day for us. Thursday was way busier, but we had two Thanksgiving parties to attend.
First up, Cheese Puff. His class had a Thanksgiving party. They sang three super cute little songs, and then had an actual Thanksgiving feast. My child? He ate the marshmallows, grapes, apple sauce and some corn. He refused the turkey, mashed potatoes, pudding, green beans and most of the turkey cupcake.

I don't think he ate the roll either. He looked cute in his little hat, though.
The father of an older kid at his school had this huge stuffed turkey. They brought it by for his class to see. I thought wild turkeys were small and mainly brown. This thing was colorful, and I'm sure in the turkey world it would have been considered a beauty.
Baby Plum's class had a powwow. He was the only kid in the whole gym who didn't have his headband on. His teacher said she noticed it once they got there. He's not a hat person. He looked to make sure Cheese Puff and I were there, but refused to wave. The little girl beside him did, though. I thanked her for waving at us, and she tried to tell Baby Plum he should wave at us.

Little Elvis was upset that he didn't get any special Thanksgiving events.
The boys all spent the night with Gram and Coachpa that evening. Coachpa uses a breathing machine, and Cheese Puff tried it out.
The next morning Gram took them to see Peanuts 3-D. She wasn't sure if they really liked it or not.

Thursday was the day of my big sale. We spent most of the morning setting up, and then had to go watch Baby Plum race in a "Turkey Trot" at his school. After school, we headed back to the sale. Little Elvis was able to help me sell, but I called my dad after 30 minutes to ask him to please come pick up my helpers. Cheese Puff and Baby Plum wanted to play chase, and Little Elvis got offended that people didn't buy everything he was offering. They had calmed down considerably by the time my parents got there. Baby Plum sold an owl pillow! He was so cute. My parents still took them, and I stayed. It was a long day, but I did pretty well. The turnout wasn't huge, but I more than made back my entry fee. And someone invited me to participate in a Valentine's Day sale. My hot chocolate was my biggest seller, followed by my headache pillows. I sold a few milk baths, and 4 owl pillows. I'm trying to sell the owl pillows and milk bath online. Along with a vintage folding chair that I fixed up. I'm terrible at selling, but Bob put them up on Facebook. Fingers crossed!


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