Monday, November 16, 2015

That Little Elvis

The boys were all in the local paper this morning. Cheese Puff had the biggest picture. Baby Plum got one with Bob, and we thought they had left Little Elvis out. But there was a small one of him working on a Lego sculpture. It worked. He was fine with it. As long as he gets in the paper, too.

He's funny. I got him an MSU hoodie at the last big children's consignment sale in the area. He's lost it. Who knows where it is? Does he care? Not exactly. Maybe it's at school. Maybe it's not. Maybe it's in the school with the 4 water bottles he's lost so far this year. Four. I'm ticked about this. But it's who he is.

Last week, after he went to bed, I was going through his homework folder. Actually, I was putting his homework in it for him, which I try not to do. I found a yellow letter stapled to a page. It said congratulations, your child won his class (or grade-level) spelling bee! Here are some words to go over for the school-wide competition in December. I went back to talk with him about it.

"Did you win a spelling bee?"
"Mmm... last Tuesday?"

He sometimes says it was a class competition, other times it was his whole grade. Either way, it would have been nice to know when it happened.
His grade at school put on a Veteran's Day performance the day before our big play debut. He was the one that said "Welcome, let's say the pledge." and then "Thanks for coming." He wasn't worried about his part.
The microphone wasn't working for him, and they had to wait while they got new batteries, but really, he didn't need batteries. He was plenty loud on his own.


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