Monday, November 30, 2015

To a Galaxy Far, Far Away.... well, 2 hours

Bob and the boys had the whole week off last week. So, Bob planned a trip to a nearby space museum.

It was neat, and the boys all had fun.
They all managed to squeeze into a super small spaceship right when we first got there. Little Elvis was the tightest fit.
Baby Plum fit a little better.
Cheese Puff was the best fit.
But, when it came time to take their pictures in a spacesuit, Little Elvis was the better fit.
Baby Plum was a victim of my shaky photography.
Cheese Puff wasn't quite big enough.
We toured the whole museum, but I managed to take a picture of a map. Baby Plum's obsessed with maps these days. So, Cheese Puff likes them, too. Here he's pointing at Texas. He knows Texas on the map. I showed him Alabama today.
Baby Plum is pointing at Oklahoma. He's decided that Oklahoma is his favorite state. Not sure why. But that's OK with me.
They had a rock climbing wall. Baby Plum refused to try, and almost cried. We thought he was our braver child. Little Elvis wanted to try, and then panicked halfway up. Cheese Puff probably would have, but he wasn't big enough.
They were all big enough to ride this thing. It went up, and then bounced down. The child on the left went nuts immediately, so the ride was cut short. Once they got up to the top, Baby Plum let out an exclamation. I thought he liked rides...
Cheese Puff did, though. He rode it twice, and did rock star fingers the whole time. Take that older brothers!

Baby Plum and I rode the Gravitron together. It's a spinny thing. Little Elvis got in line, and then chickened out. Baby Plum and I suffered through it. I don't know if he liked it. He's a tough read. It gave me a huge headache.

I think if we asked the boys their favorite part, they would say the hotel and pool. Bob liked meeting scientists and astronomy enthusiasts.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Neat! I think you have an inversion of the Goldilocks story with those first photos. :-)

4:02 PM  
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