Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Light display

My parents took the boys to a light display shortly before Christmas. It had been warm, but it got cooler on the night they went. The boys had to bundle up.

They sent some cute pictures. Here they are with the red m&m.
Wonder what happened to yellow?
What a cute family tree!
Baby Plum LOVES the book "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," but he is not fond of the actual Grinch. Little Elvis doesn't mind.
Cheese Puff also LOVES Frosty. Notice who isn't in this picture? He does not like life-size things. He'll stick with stuffies thank you very much.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New games

The boys haven't been too bad with the "I'm bored!" stuff so far. They've got each other, either for fighting or playing.
Last night, Cheese Puff and Baby Plum pulled on some toboggans and a scarf after supper. Baby Plum was leading Cheese Puff around by the scarf. They stopped to dance for Snowman Mickey.
And plot their next action.
Big brother Little Elvis wasn't very interested in this new game.
They ended the game by holding up random Christmas stuffed toy decorations. Here's a bear Cheese Puff took from Granny's last week. He convinced her that we needed it more than she did.
Cheese Puff showed off our Frosty. This was a present from our neighbors years ago. It's been great, because Cheese Puff's favorite Christmas song for the past two years has been "Frosty the Snowman."

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Building gingerbread houses

This weekend, a group in our city held an event where kids could build gingerbread houses. We were so excited, and the boys had a blast!

They got a small carton of milk to drink, and then use as support for the graham crackers.
Little Elvis worked very hard, and by himself. He did his roof a little differently, but it looked cool. Notice the shorts? It's seriously been in the 60s here. It's raining now, and may cool off some now.
These two made their houses with help from Mommy and Daddy. Daddy helped Baby Plum, and used lots of icing. It was a good idea. Baby Plum tried to drink the entire bag once they were done, and then he stuck his hand inside the bag to scrape out as much as he could.

I helped Cheese Puff. He likes sweet, but nowhere nearly as much as Baby Plum.

Once we got in the car, they started eating their houses.
We went to see my parents two weeks ago, when it was cold! And they wore their Christmas lumberjack hats.

Little Elvis doesn't need to know I put this up online. He told me I was ruining his reputation when I made him wear it, and took the picture.

Cheese Puff likes this holiday season

Cheese Puff's been having a blast this holiday season. He loves music, and he really likes Christmas music. His favorite song hasn't changed from last year -- Frosty the Snowman.

Bob usually plays Christmas music for the boys' Christmas parties, but this year Cheese Puff's school asked Bob to perform for the entire pre-school! Cheese Puff was excited. He got to sing his favorite songs at school with his Daddy!
Bob wore our Frosty headband while performing Frosty.
Here's Cheese Puff listening. He wore a new Christmas sweater (even though it was 60 that morning) and looked so cute!

Today, was his class party. He got to wear PJs!!! We left with his Rudolph headband, but his teacher said it didn't last. He selected his new Scooby Doo PJs. So, today he got to wear PJs, had a party with frosted donuts, fruit and popcorn, and Daddy played more music! He also got a new book. It was a good morning.
Here he is enjoying his popcorn and donuts. We didn't go all out with the party. Some moms do, but the kids had fun and actually ate most of the food.
This baby is just like his big brother Baby Plum. He loves "helping" make cookies by licking the beaters. Baby Plum tries to help. Cheese Puff just wants to fight with Baby Plum over the step stool.

What are the odds?

So, Little Elvis swallowed his first loose baby tooth. What would be the odds that Baby Plum would do the same thing? Well, he did!
He was very different from his brother in how he handled the tooth. He wouldn't wiggle it, and it would just poke forward more and more each day. One afternoon, I looked, and it was practically perpendicular. I told him I needed to pull it soon. He said no. That night the boys were with my parents. My mom sent me a text asking if I knew his tooth was missing. He had no clue. So, two boys, two swallowed teeth. At least he realized it didn't hurt.
Here is our cute middle boy with jelly on his nose. He likes toast with jelly. He likes to eat the middle of the toast, without eating the crust. He was doing his version of Rudolph.
Mommy likes to make cookies this time of year. Baby Plum likes to help. His favorite part? Licking the beaters.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Time to brag

The boys had a busy-ish week last week. At least for the first part of the week.
On Monday, Little Elvis participated in his school's spelling bee. He won the one in his class, and went up against 18 other kids, including kids in the 4th and 5th grades. He fought us on studying, and it was difficult to go through every word just once. We knew he wouldn't win. He was going up against 5th graders, and didn't want to practice. Still, even with minimal practice he came in 4th! He beat out all of the 4th graders, most of the third graders and fifth graders. The top three were two fifth graders and a friend of his from 3rd grade. He knew the winner. She's in plays with him. I was very proud, especially because he didn't cry. He was upset, but handled it very well. Cheese Puff and I tried to cheer him up, and it worked. He wasn't super congratulatory to the winners at first, but was by the end of the day. Now he knows what to expect if he does this next year, and maybe he'll study more.
Ok, so wearing sunglasses and a toboggan aren't a huge accomplishment for Cheese Puff, but he was really cute on Wednesday morning. This was his first time wearing this hand-me-down sweatshirt. He called it the "Invisible Buzz," because Buzz is only outlined on the sweatshirt, while Woody is filled in. I thought that was cute.
So, this is our shy boy. Singing his "50 States that Rhyme" song to his class on Wednesday. Bob did a space presentation for Little Elvis' class last month, and Baby Plum was jealous. He said his Daddy was going to perform at his school as well. I told his teacher, and she said that was a good idea. So, Bob performed a weather/space/state hybrid show for Baby Plum's class. The night before the big performance, we tried to get him to sing for my dad. He whispered, and my dad couldn't hear anything. But he sang loudly for his classmates! And he probably wasn't feeling well when he did it. He got sick at school that afternoon, and had a fever when he got home. Poor baby.

He stayed home from school on Thursday, and he and Cheese Puff had the best time. They played and played and played, until 3 when Baby Plum's fever came back. But they were so cute together. I should have taken pictures of some of the games they invented. They shut themselves in the playroom bathroom, and found an old water pick. They took the tongue scrubbers, and pretended they were magnifying glasses. They were looking for something, but I have no clue what.

This week should be more calm for them. Hopefully, no one else will get sick!