Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Building gingerbread houses

This weekend, a group in our city held an event where kids could build gingerbread houses. We were so excited, and the boys had a blast!

They got a small carton of milk to drink, and then use as support for the graham crackers.
Little Elvis worked very hard, and by himself. He did his roof a little differently, but it looked cool. Notice the shorts? It's seriously been in the 60s here. It's raining now, and may cool off some now.
These two made their houses with help from Mommy and Daddy. Daddy helped Baby Plum, and used lots of icing. It was a good idea. Baby Plum tried to drink the entire bag once they were done, and then he stuck his hand inside the bag to scrape out as much as he could.

I helped Cheese Puff. He likes sweet, but nowhere nearly as much as Baby Plum.

Once we got in the car, they started eating their houses.
We went to see my parents two weeks ago, when it was cold! And they wore their Christmas lumberjack hats.

Little Elvis doesn't need to know I put this up online. He told me I was ruining his reputation when I made him wear it, and took the picture.


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