Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cheese Puff likes this holiday season

Cheese Puff's been having a blast this holiday season. He loves music, and he really likes Christmas music. His favorite song hasn't changed from last year -- Frosty the Snowman.

Bob usually plays Christmas music for the boys' Christmas parties, but this year Cheese Puff's school asked Bob to perform for the entire pre-school! Cheese Puff was excited. He got to sing his favorite songs at school with his Daddy!
Bob wore our Frosty headband while performing Frosty.
Here's Cheese Puff listening. He wore a new Christmas sweater (even though it was 60 that morning) and looked so cute!

Today, was his class party. He got to wear PJs!!! We left with his Rudolph headband, but his teacher said it didn't last. He selected his new Scooby Doo PJs. So, today he got to wear PJs, had a party with frosted donuts, fruit and popcorn, and Daddy played more music! He also got a new book. It was a good morning.
Here he is enjoying his popcorn and donuts. We didn't go all out with the party. Some moms do, but the kids had fun and actually ate most of the food.
This baby is just like his big brother Baby Plum. He loves "helping" make cookies by licking the beaters. Baby Plum tries to help. Cheese Puff just wants to fight with Baby Plum over the step stool.


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