Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What are the odds?

So, Little Elvis swallowed his first loose baby tooth. What would be the odds that Baby Plum would do the same thing? Well, he did!
He was very different from his brother in how he handled the tooth. He wouldn't wiggle it, and it would just poke forward more and more each day. One afternoon, I looked, and it was practically perpendicular. I told him I needed to pull it soon. He said no. That night the boys were with my parents. My mom sent me a text asking if I knew his tooth was missing. He had no clue. So, two boys, two swallowed teeth. At least he realized it didn't hurt.
Here is our cute middle boy with jelly on his nose. He likes toast with jelly. He likes to eat the middle of the toast, without eating the crust. He was doing his version of Rudolph.
Mommy likes to make cookies this time of year. Baby Plum likes to help. His favorite part? Licking the beaters.


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