Sunday, January 03, 2016

Some Christmas catch-up

The boys had a great Christmas. I wasn't great about pictures. There are more on my camera, but I had a couple on my phone.
Cheese Puff had one extra day while his brothers were still in school before Christmas break. We went to story time at the library, and they did a "Polar Express" theme. Mr. Steve, a friend from the plays was there as the conductor. Cheese Puff likes Mr. Steve and was excited to see him. Isn't the train on the wall cute?
This is Christmas Eve night. My parents give the boys their presents on Christmas Eve. Yes, Little Elvis is wearing shorts. It's getting chillier now. My parents got them a karaoke machine, and they really love it! Cheese Puff loves to scream the words he thinks he knows. Baby Plum likes to only sing by himself, or with Cheese Puff. Little Elvis can sing, but maintains that he can't. This stems from a really crazy-in-a-bad-way experience from Halloween. Maybe before. He can sing just fine. He's an 8-year-old-boy.

Today, Cheese Puff told me that Santa did a good job at Christmas, and was a very nice man. I was a little worried about things, because the boys kept changing their requests every hour on the hour. And they didn't want realistic things. Little Elvis? Wanted a huge inflatable football helmet with a smoke machine so he could run through it before playing football in the back yard. He also wanted a mechanical bull. I have no clue where that came from. Baby Plum wanted a football jersey (very last minute thing) and Cheese Puff wanted a long choo-choo train. We think he meant something to ride on. He wasn't getting that.

Santa brought them a basketball hoop and basketball, some video games (the kinds where they have to use their bodies.) Little Elvis got an Emmitt Smith football jersey, which he barely takes off, two Lego things, and lots of books. Baby Plum got several different types of puzzles, games and maps. "Santa" made him a special shirt with Mississippi on it. Cheese Puff got a stuffed Baymax from Big Hero 6, and that movie. He also got a marble drop thing. On our summer vacation, his favorite thing at every science museum was the series of tubes and chutes that he could drop marbles down. Santa found a small version of that, and it has been a surprising hit with all three boys.

I was worried we were going to have tears when they didn't find inflatable helmets and ride-in trains.