Monday, February 29, 2016

Bob's play

Bob just finished his first of two plays. And I didn't take pictures. He was part of an ensemble musical called "Ring of Fire" about Johnny Cash. He got to play pretty much all of his instruments and sing. He did a great job. It ended this weekend. He did a great job!

Now, he's practicing to be Burt in our community theatre's "Mary Poppins." It's a busy time around here. My posts may fall off, but I will try to do better, and at least get a picture of him as Burt.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Happy 4th birthday sweet Cheese Puff!

My sweet little baby is now a big 4-year-old! Here my pajama-loving little boy is modeling one of his three new pairs of PJs! Granny got him two pair (including the one he's wearing in the picture) and Mommy and Daddy got him one pair. Want a happy Cheese Puff? Give him pajamas.
 He had a Big Hero 6 birthday party. It was very low key. He invited 5 friends. I hadn't heard from anyone the day before, so I invited one of my friends and her son. Three kids showed up. He was happy. They played, and then ate my Baymax cake. At 4, they were sweet about homemade cake. I know that will probably change.
 We ordered him a balloon off the internet. He's not super interested in it, unless one of his brothers get close to it.
 Here Cheese Puff is wearing the Baymax pajamas from Mommy and Daddy. I'm telling you, he loves pajamas
 I'm glad he had fun.
 Here he is celebrating his birthday at pre-school. They made him a special crown, and he got a special birthday napkin. We brought goldfish and popsicles for his birthday. Most of the kids seemed pleased.
 Look at that sweet face. He is seriously the cutest thing. He really is. He's aware of this.
He wore his crown to his special birthday lunch after school. He picked McDonalds. Daddy was able to meet us. His decision to wear his crown got him several extra happy birthday wishes.

The boys had play practice this evening, and he got happy birthday wishes there, too.  On the way to practice today, he told Little Elvis, "It's my birthday, and I can do whatever I want to do." He had that opinion of himself all weekend. I hope the attitude is over tomorrow.

Fun facts about Cheese Puff.

He likes to sing (sometimes yell) along with the radio. His interpretations of songs are very funny. He's gotten into a joke telling phase. Every day while we wait to pick up Baby Plum at school, he demands really new jokes from me. I'm a broken record with jokes, and he's fed up with my go-tos. He doesn't get my made up jokes. His jokes are much worse. He usually puts banana in the answer to his.

Cheese Puff is my most affectionate child. He not only loves to hug on Mommy and Daddy. He also loves stuffies. If you don't want to get him pajamas, he will also love a stuffy. He has favorites, though. He still loves Doggy from his babyhood. Last summer, he replaced Doggy with a plusher, newer version from a Build-a-Bear birthday party. He named that dog Sparky. At Christmas, my parents got him a stuffed panda. At first it was named Ho Ho Ho, then Santa Claus. Now it's called Kung Fu Panda. Panda is his current favorite, although Doggy's made a strong come-back over the past few days. He will love and hug on new stuffies, but they aren't allowed in his bed. That spot is reserved for Kung Fu Panda or Doggy.

This baby is also my healthiest eater. He prefers to eat fruit over just about anything else. We have to cut him off when we get blueberries or raspberries. He will happily devour 3 tangerines for lunch. Loves applesauce. He's hit or miss on bananas. He also loves cheese sticks, yogurt, goldfish, any type of mashed fruit pouch -- even those with vegetables hidden in them, macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets. His favorite meal that I make? Spinach and feta quiche. Or something we call calzones that are also stuffed with spinach and feta. He loves the spinach/feta combo. Little Elvis does, too. Poor Baby Plum is not a fan.

He knows how to spell his name, Little Elvis' name, and Baby Plum's name. He recognizes Bob's name on my phone. He also knows that "Dad" means "Coachpa" on my phone and "Mom" means "Gram." He can count to 30, and (thanks to Baby Plum) knows a good bit about states.

Cheese Puff will most likely be our most athletic child. He is finally old enough to play Park and Rec this year, and we signed him for T-ball. He seems to grasp the concept of hitting the ball, throwing and catching much more easily than his brothers.

Cheese Puff also likes to play games, which is great for Baby Plum. We play lots of games around here. They are both very good at Memory, and I always lose at Old Maid. Cheese Puff loves to give me the old lady.

He's sweet, and happy. He's friendly. We're so lucky and happy to have him in our lives. He truly is a joy.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

He's 9! What?

Today is Little Elvis' 9th birthday! I'm digging up old pictures to see how he's grown.
This is Little Elvis around 4 or 5 months old. His eyes have been big and brown since he was 3 months old.
Here he is around 9 months.
This is a one-year-old Little Elvis. His birthday falls around voting days. He looks a whole lot more like Baby Plum than Little Elvis now.
A 2-year-old baby, without much hair. This looks more like Little Elvis, though. It's the half smile. He still does that.
A 3-year-old boy with beautiful hair in our new house. I forgot his hair was so blond!
A four-year-old boy without all the curls. Sweet little smile.
A five-year-old enjoying his trampoline. He liked to "bounce" Daddy down.
 Our six-year-old superhero. How he used to love superheroes. It's Super America!
 A seven-year-old rock star!
 An eight-year-old football star. He's quarterbacking his brothers.
And a dapper nine-year-old. Little Elvis really isn't very little anymore. I like to pretend to use him as an armrest when we're standing by each other, but it's kind of uncomfortable now. My elbow has to go up a little, not down. His feet are also almost as big as mine. We can't share shoes, though. He would never do that.

We're having a football party tomorrow afternoon. He's invited about 9 boys over for a football party. The weather will be nice. The boys will get to play with our new basketball goal, trampoline, some cornhusk games my parents made him, and his practice field goal that we made him. I believe Little Elvis has taken a look at his parents and realized that his chances of being a defensive end are very slim. Ditto for receiver, running back, etc. He's decided to be a kicker. A left-footed kicker. Most start when they are 12. We figure if he starts now, it will help him. Poor thing has half of his athletic ability from his Mommy. When you multiply zero by anything, it's zero.

Fun stuff about Little Elvis:
1. He still LOVES to read -- mainly nonfiction football stuff. We have two coffee table football tomes, and he loves them both.
2. He really loves football. He's a huge MSU fan. But he's also decided that he loves the Dallas Cowboys. Have any random football questions? He will very likely know the answer. He's decided to soak up all the football facts he can like a sponge. Seriously. If you are on a quiz show, and get a football question, then call us. He will know the answer.
3. He's getting a little nicer to his brothers. A little. Sometimes. But he will expect at least half of the winnings.
4. His singing voice is actually really pretty, when he's not screaming and being silly. He won't let you hear it very often, though.
5. He's getting much more adventurous when it comes to food. He will try most spicy things, because it's cool to like spicy foods. He even tried guacamole last weekend. That's pretty huge.
6. He loves to tell jokes. Most need lots of explaining, but he really likes to tell them.
7. He's really into building things. Legos, blocks, odds and ends. He likes to build things on Mine Craft and Disney Infinity. Who needs to play a game when you can create a whole world? He mainly builds football stadiums, complete with goal posts, seats, lights, etc. I think he'll be an architect when he grows up. He says he'll be a professional football player.

I know there's lots more.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Six-year-old pictures!

We're late. Baby Plum turned 6 in late September. But in my defense, we no longer have an affordable picture studio. I was about this late with his brothers' yearly pictures last year.

Anyway, once they get over 3, I try to let their yearly pictures reflect their likes. When Baby Plum was 4, he wore his rock star shirt and played his toy guitar. When he was 5, he wore his soccer uniform and posed with his practice soccer net.

The 6-year-old Baby Plum loves states. All of them. His current favorites are Mississippi, Oklahoma, Montana, and Pennsylvania. He likes Oklahoma because we drove through it this summer. He's pointing to it in his picture. He's wearing his Mississippi state shirt that "Santa" made. I think he likes Montana because it is the "Treasure State." Daddy's from Pennsylvania.

How much does this boy love states? He knows them all. He knows their capitols. He knows their nicknames. He knows their shapes. He knows their locations. He does not get this from his Mommy.

Baby Plum has a state song that he loves to sing with Daddy. He even likes to do the state capitol version. I tried to get video of him singing, but he's going to have to sing into a microphone to be heard. I will try again. It's very cute.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Cute poses

For Little Elvis' Science Fair last week, I suggested he wear his tie that I bought him. He relented when I suggested that the girls would think he looked cute.
This is his new pose. When he needs to pose for the camera by himself, this is what he's decided to do. If he's with his brothers, then he waves. He tried out for the actual community theatre "Mary Poppins" last night. This is one with adults, and you might not get in. They took head shots for casting purposes, and he did this pose. While wearing his Emmitt Smith jersey, because they needed to know that he likes football, too. 
What is Cheese Puff? A boxer! He came up with that on his own. Isn't it cute? We were playing with a maze thing that Baby Plum got for Christmas when Cheese Puff put the box on his head and called himself a boxer. I had to take a picture.
I believe this boy is showing off shoes that he "tied" himself. We're learning. It's taking a while, but he's really close.