Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Science Fair

Little Elvis placed in his school science fair, and got to go to regionals last week. Bob took the day off, and we (Cheese Puff, Bob and me) drove out to meet him at a local community college.
One of his friends from his class also placed. They got to show side-by-side.
Bob helped him set up.
Here he is with his buddy. His buddy won first place! Little Elvis didn't place. He was sad, but we tried to talk with him about putting more effort into things.
He and Cheese Puff got along pretty well. It was supposed to be dressy casual, and a friend had just given us this cute tuxedo t-shirt. What could be more dressy casual than that?
Here Little Elvis is telling the judges about parallel circuits. I tried to get him interested in doing something about the angles of kicking a field goal. He was not especially interested. He wants accolades with no work. I thought if I could make it fun and about football, then he might want to put more effort in.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

The boys had a busy week of egg hunts. I managed to remember to bring the camera to one of them! Cheese Puff had been looking forward to his Egg Hunt for days. Baby Plum remembered it from his days in pre-school, and had been talking it up. Cheese Puff was excited!

I didn't go to his last class party for Valentine's Day. It was the day of Little Elvis' birthday party, and I was cleaning the house. He brings that up. A good bit. I didn't even think about telling him that I would be at his Easter party. So, when he saw me waiting in the courtyard, he went nuts. You would have thought he hadn't just seen me 2 hours earlier. He had told his teachers that I wasn't coming.
Here he is running to see his long lost Mommy. He was the "line yeader." I love this y for l thing. Little Elvis and Baby Plum also did it.
Cheese Puff is not a fast hunter. He wants to open eggs, and maybe put some back. This is fine, except that he gets mad when he doesn't have as many as other people.
We were snuggled on the floor reading after the party, and his teacher came over and said she had to take a picture.
Here we are on Easter. Little Elvis was told not to act wild. So, this is him not being wild. Not sure why Baby Plum looks confused.
Here, the older two decided to go for cool dudes, while Cheese Puff decided to snuggle with Daddy.

Funny boys.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring improvements

Over Christmas, I decided to start doing some "improvements" on myself. Some stuff had happened, and I had just been feeling really bad about a lot of things.

Bob got me a membership to a local gym for Christmas, and I started working out pretty regularly.

I'm on the steering committee for a club that I'm in, and I talked those women into focusing on which colors we should be wearing as part of one of our meetings. Turns out I was not wearing the right make-up or clothing colors!

I threw away some bad make-up, and am going to sell the clothes that aren't right for me. I'm already feeling a good bit better without my old peachy blush.

Then, I decided that if I did well at one of my craft fairs I would treat myself to a hair cut. I was in one last weekend, and did a great job! It had lots of kids there, and they loved my stuffed owls and cats! I have possibly not really written about my craft fair stuff, because of all of the bad feelings I've been having. But I've been in three, and did really well at two! At one, there were no customers. I still sold stuff to the other vendors, though.

So, I finally went to get my hair chopped off on Thursday.
Little Elvis took my picture, and Cheese Puff posed with me. He was invited to get his hair cut, but decided not to.
Here we are after my haircut. Little Elvis was the photographer again. I went to a cheaper place to save money, and felt like it was kind of blunt when I got home. I did a little fixing, and it's growing on me. I got a compliment out of the blue from a stranger today. And, while I was getting my haircut, I recognized one of the beauticians from a past craft fair. She ended up buying one of my pain pillows and some bath salts! I'm mulling trying to make a shop off of Bob's facebook page, although facebook is a little daunting.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Lost my camera, but still got a couple of pics

So, I've lost my camera again. Judging by the fuzziness of this picture, maybe I don't need it? I managed to take cell phone pictures of Baby Plum's school play with my phone. They surprisingly look better, although it doesn't zoom well.
 They did "The Very Hungry Caterpillar!" It was super cute! The music teacher did a great job, and the art teacher made their "costumes" look just like the pictures in the book,
 Baby Plum got a line! We were kind of surprised that our shy guy would get one, but he said it very loudly. He said, "He was a very big caterpillar."
Basking in the glow of his success. See the cute watermelon behind him? So cute! I loved this little play.

I actually checked Little Elvis out of school so he could go see the play. He's not usually supportive of his brother, so when he said he wanted to see the play I decided to encourage that.