Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Science Fair

Little Elvis placed in his school science fair, and got to go to regionals last week. Bob took the day off, and we (Cheese Puff, Bob and me) drove out to meet him at a local community college.
One of his friends from his class also placed. They got to show side-by-side.
Bob helped him set up.
Here he is with his buddy. His buddy won first place! Little Elvis didn't place. He was sad, but we tried to talk with him about putting more effort into things.
He and Cheese Puff got along pretty well. It was supposed to be dressy casual, and a friend had just given us this cute tuxedo t-shirt. What could be more dressy casual than that?
Here Little Elvis is telling the judges about parallel circuits. I tried to get him interested in doing something about the angles of kicking a field goal. He was not especially interested. He wants accolades with no work. I thought if I could make it fun and about football, then he might want to put more effort in.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Awesome! Congratulations to Little Elvis. I think the experience of doing a science fair is great. Maybe this year will be enough to inspire him to put more effort into it next year.

10:57 PM  
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