Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Gearing up and winding down

This has been a crazy period for our family. Super busy. As an only child, I didn't realize the busy-ness of having multiple kids. Now that they are all old enough to do things, it's getting hectic.

But, two of our commitments are winding down... and two more are gearing up.

Baby Plum played his last soccer game of the season last night. He's gotten so much better! He's such a shy, non-aggressive child. At the beginning of the season, he would just stand by the ball if any other kids were around. But last night, he was kicking and following through. He was keeping up with the pack. He inherited my lack of speed, but I think he will be a great defender. He has a knack for being in the right place to block the ball against the other team.

Here he is with his team. I know, too much light. Baby Plum's the third from the left. His team won, although they don't officially keep score. He was excited.

What else is ending? Their play! "Disney's Aladdin Kids."
Here they are in their costumes at dress rehearsal last weekend. Cheese Puff is in an authentic tunic. One of our friends loaned it to us. He looks like a sweet little prince. He's a townsperson. Little Elvis' costume is amazing, but more from the back. (He has a problem turning his back on the audience.) I will take a better picture. I'm proud of it. Little Elvis is Iago, the bratty parrot. I tightened up Baby Plum's tiger hood. He is Jasmine's pet tiger. He's on stage, and doesn't have to talk. It's the perfect part for him. They are all sweet.

My mom has been in China, so I took this picture to text to her. Instead, I texted to the friend who loaned us the tunic. Her boys are also in the play. She responded about how cute, and I felt silly. She said she loved getting it anyway. My dad was not in China, so I didn't send him the pictures. He was not happy. I had all sorts of texting fails on Sunday.

The play is next weekend! Just in time for t-ball and coach pitch! Yay. They've already started practicing. I will have to take pictures. Hopefully, I will remember to do that...


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