Monday, May 16, 2016

Baseball boys

We have two baseball players this summer -- Baby Plum and Cheese Puff. Cheese Puff's technically playing t-ball, and Baby Plum is technically playing coach pitch, but they're both baseball to me.
This is our first experience with T-ball. Little Elvis and Baby Plum had no interest at 4. But Cheese Puff did, and T-ball is the cutest thing! It's like herding cats for the coaches I'm sure, but it's funny and cute to watch the little boys chase the ball, even if they are supposed to be running to base. Cheese Puff loves running! Look how cute he is!
Here he is posing with Coachpa. I think he was happy about getting around the bases. Another great thing about T-ball. Everyone bats until he hits the ball, and everyone runs the bases.
Here's Baby Plum smiling before his game. He started out pretty rough, but has gotten so much better! He only got 1 chance at bat this game, and struck out. They were playing a super-tough team. But he has gotten to wear he can hit the ball. He has no interest in fielding the ball, and he throws like me. That's not a good thing to inherit. But Baby Plum is extremely coachable, and willing to work. He's put in the time on batting, and now we just have to put in the time on throwing and catching.

Little Elvis is no longer playing for Parks and Rec, but has actually gotten to wear he likes playing. He throws the ball with Bob now, and likes to hit when we're throwing for the other two. He's gotten so much better as well! I think it must be an age and ability thing. Or maybe his interest in football's helped?