Thursday, May 26, 2016

Local Art Fair

Our town has a big art fair and race every May. It's a big deal around here. They get artists in from all over to sell their wares, and most of the kids in the district participate in a writing contest. Little Elvis won for 3rd grade poetry this year.

They have an awards ceremony. And this year, before the ceremony, there was a Jazzercise demonstration. Only one person was dancing. It wasn't hard to talk our boys into participating.
Cheese Puff had run to get Gram and Coachpa, so at first just Little Elvis and Baby Plum danced.
They may not be the best dancers, but they are happy to get into it.
And Cheese Puff was thrilled to join when he got back. So... to deviate a little bit. We ran into a friend at the grocery store right after the awards ceremony. She saw video of the boys Jazzercising on Facebook. It hadn't been 30 minutes. I talked to someone about a week later, and she had seen it, too! I had no clue it would be posted. I don't think they put their names up, because they didn't know them.

Back to the ceremony!
Little Elvis was so excited to get up and get his award! He got $10, and a ribbon.
He drew a picture at the bottom of his poem, and asked me to frame it with his ribbon. It's now ready to hang up.

We put the newspaper clipping in a smaller frame, and called the mayor's office. It was a bad week to call, because he's got big plans this weekend. Hopefully, when he gets back, Little Elvis can present him with his Ode to his hometown.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

That's funny about the Jazzercise demo. Congratulations to Little Elvis!

9:48 AM  
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