Sunday, May 22, 2016

When I grow up . . .

Bob here, Meredith's husband, making another cameo appearance. Baby Plum graduated on Friday from kindergarten. The theme of the program was, "When I Grow Up," and each child was given the chance to tell the audience his/her career goal.

First of all, let me tell you all how proud I am of Baby Plum's kindergarten year. He had the same teacher, Ms. Haley, that Little Elvis had when he went through kindergarten. She was a rookie teacher when Little Elvis was in her class, but even then we knew there was something special with the way she was able to connect to little ones. Now seasoned with three years of teaching, she has been an even better teacher for Baby Plum. He has really blossomed as a reader and continues to be the sweet little boy he has always been. On his 4th marking period report card, he didn't just get all A's (he's done that all year), he got 100% across the board.

Anyway, back to the graduation program, the career goals included many that you would expect -- teacher, doctor, veterinarian, etc. Here's what Baby Plum had to say:

If you missed it, he says that he wants to be a weatherman. As father and former weatherman, I had to fight back tears at the moment. He is such a sweet boy and wants to do so many things that I do. He loves music, he loves maps. He and I are going to get the chance to make music together this summer -- I'll be accompanying him as he sings "The 50 States That Rhyme" as part of theater camp.