Sunday, June 12, 2016

Baseball's over!

Baseball is over! It ended last Tuesday, but I'm behind. Both Baby Plum and Cheese Puff had a great time, and were on really nice teams! We really appreciated both sets of coaches this year.
Cheese Puff played t-ball. There wasn't really a competition aspect to it. It was just fun to watch, and seemed fun for him to play. He's the one in the hat on the front row.
Baby Plum's last game was Monday. His team (arguably one of the worst) made it to the final play off game! They were seeded 6th, and ended ranked 2nd I think. I honestly am not sure. But they ended on a really high note! As did he. He had two hits in the last game, and got to score a run! Here he is with his team after the game. We did a close up, since they all had hats on.
The picture I picked wasn't great here. All of the boys are distracted. Poor Baby Plum. They had a Daddy/Son wiffle ball game after the game, and one of the dads threw a ball right into his nose as he ran from first to second base. He got a bloody nose. I was picking up bats, and missed the action, but heard him crying. He was definitely hurt in the beginning, but then ended up crying more because of all of the attention. It was a soft rubbery ball, and he was fine.

The next night, at Cheese Puff's final game, Baby Plum decided to try his hand at sliding into base. He was wearing a muscle shirt and shorts. He learned the hard way that he needs to at least have pants on.