Friday, June 10, 2016

Run throw slide

Bob here -- Meredith's husband -- back for another cameo post. Have you heard of the new sports sensation that is sweeping the nation -- Run Throw Slide? When it becomes the new national pastime, many will link to this blog post to get the origin story, so here it goes . . . .

I love to watch the boys create and the other evening Meredith and I enjoyed watching Baby Plum and Cheese Puff invent a new game for themselves. It took place on the swing set in our backyard. One of the boys would stand on the ground and throw the football to the other who was already sitting in the fort. Upon catching, the receiver would slide down the slide and they would change positions. It was so much fun watching that I couldn't resist narrating some of the action -- making up a name for the game, Run Throw Slide, as well as terms (a "plegerol" is a goal and an "excalibur" is like an extra point) for the various plays on the fly. They had such a big time and even Little Elvis got in on the action. They came up with names for their teams -- Cheese Puff played as "The Mickey Mousers," Baby Plum was "The Luna Moths" and Little Elvis was "The Killer Hawks." They probably played for 20 minutes before we had to call the game on account of darkness.

The next morning -- once they had eaten breakfast, the next order of business was to put on some clothes and head out to resume the game. This time I had the foresight to catch history in the making:

I wonder if this is how Abner Doubleday felt (yes, for you sticklers, I'm aware that Doubleday's legend as the inventor of baseball appears to be mostly mythical). Contact Meredith (league commissioner) if you are interested in franchise opportunities.