Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hot fun in the summertime

We're not caught up with vacation pics, but I need to upload and download (or something) some video from my phone. I'm not in the mood to learn something new this evening, so... My mom sent some pics of Baby Plum and Cheese Puff playing in our sprinkler a couple of weeks ago.
This is before the loss of curls. My mom thinks Baby Plum looks just like Little Elvis in these pics. One of my friends saw a picture of a shorn Cheese Puff, and said HE looked just like Little Elvis. I'm keeping these to myself, because Little Elvis has decided he doesn't want to look like his brothers.
They've been having lots of fun with yard games this year. They had a blast playing Ladder Ball with Uncle Rob, and we found a ladder ball game on sale at our local grocery store. Even though that's a really random place to find a great priced ladder ball game, we got it. We also bought a paddle ball set. The boys love ladder ball (or their version) but aren't quite coordinated enough for paddleball. This prompted my parents to set up their croquet set, and the boys LOVE it! They played it last week while I was at work, and when we went for evening visits they played. I think Baby Plum loves it the most. He's our game player, and is willing to practice at things. They played some this afternoon, and my parents said there's a notable improvement.

So, despite the ridiculous heat, we love yard games.

In fact, the evening that these pictures were taken, a neighbor stopped by to tell me how much he loved hearing the boys laugh and play in the yard. That was sweet. Glad it's a pleasant sound, because they can be pretty loud!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Bye bye sweet curls

Today was my first day of training at the new job. Coachpa took care of the boys for me, and he accomplished a goal he and Bob (and a few others) have been trying to accomplish for quite some time.
Cheese Puff's got a big boy haircut! It only took a small toy to bribe him. I think he was finally ready. I took pictures of his pretty curls yesterday ahead of the planned haircut. He's pretty cute, huh? I'm getting used to it. He seems very happy with it, and loved not having to endure conditioner, or the post shower detangling.

While Cheese Puff was prepping for his big haircut last night with Gram and Little Elvis, Baby Plum, Coachpa and I were at the ER. Baby Plum decided to try jumping off of a diving board backwards, but didn't get far enough away from the board. He hit his neck and chin on the board. They glued his little chin, and took an MRI and X-ray. He was very brave, until the glue started drying. That made him cry. I didn't take a picture. It's his little neck that looks rough. His jaw was a little swollen last night, but that seems to have gone down.

Vacation continued... do I smell chocolate?

Back to our regularly scheduled vacation update.
The boys love vacations, because they get lots of fast food. I look at this picture and thing, "We three kings of Burger King are resting a bit, 'cause we've traveled so far..."
We also ate at McDonald's, and they were doing some promo where you take a picture holding a McDonald's cup while driving. Baby Plum's not really driving, just in case you think I'm not only bad enough to feed my kids a diet of lots of fast food, and then let them drive once their sugar levels are significantly jacked up
Baby Plum's favorite part of the trip? The ride at Hershey's. He loves Reese's, so we thought this pose would be fun.
Cheese Puff did, too!
Here are 4 of us. Hershey's was a fun highlight.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

DC fun!

On the third day of our trip, we visited the National Mall in D.C. We took the boys to American History museum and Air and Space Museum.
Excuse the fuzzy photo. They made picture holders in one area of the museum.
Little Elvis got to practice at being a DJ. We loved that he got to do this.
He also posed on a big old timey bike.
Of course his two brothers had to, as well.
What a fun bike!
A big part of the day? Seeing Elmo!!
We had to go by the White House, naturally. Little Elvis plans to live there some day. He told Baby Plum he could be the Vice President, and was thrilled to learn that would mean Baby Plum would be in a different house.
Look at my sweet boys all holding hands!

We only took one picture at the Air and Space museum. We're pretty sure they are in front of a plane.

2nd and 3rd day of big trip -- visiting Uncle Rob

For the second day of our trip, we headed north a bit. We visited a cool science museum.
So cool, I only took one picture. Yeah. It was much cooler than my pics would tell. We also visited a neat little water park. So neat that I took no pics. In my defense, weather cut us short. It was really neat.
On the third day, we drove up to our old stomping grounds. One of Bob's best friends lives in that area, so we visited with him. He joined us at our old favorite "fast food" restaurant -- Noodles and Co. They don't have any of these near where we live now.
The boys also posed with Uncle Rob.
We even attempted a selfie.

The next day, we spent most of the day in the city, but then headed to a cookout at Uncle Rob's.
Bob and Rob again.
All of the boys.
Cheese Puff found a pretty girl! We also got to meet Rob's girlfriend Cecelia. Cheese Puff loves pretty women, and he definitely charmed her. Baby Plum snuck in the photo, too.
Cheese Puff also took time to pose with Mommy.

Monday, July 11, 2016

First day of big trip

Pictures! We drove through several states visiting friends and family, and our old stomping grounds for our vacation. Three boys in the back of a Prius driving for several hours at a time! But we did it!
We made a pit stop about an hour and a half in -- my fault -- and visited a cool visitor's center. They were so nice! We took a green screen picture (Little Elvis was being a little bratty, so he's not in the picture) and they even gave us bottles of water. I'm sure Bob was thrilled. Baby Plum and I are terrible car trippers.
Not sure what these ducks were at the visitor's center, but they were cute. You will see this pose a lot.
Our first real stop was to visit Bob's Uncle Joe and Aunt Julie. They took us on a boat ride!
Uncle Joe was a great navigator.
And Aunt Julie enjoyed the trip with us.
The boys all had a great time!

They actually went swimming in the lake, before the boat trip. They had a blast. It was a great way to celebrate the end of a day of driving.

Bob obviously had the camera. He's a better picture-taker these days.

Sunday, July 10, 2016


It has been a weirdly busy time for us. I like to tell people that we are not a busy family. But with 3 kids getting involved in more things, and a busy husband, we actually are pretty busy.

We had theatre camp that most of the family was heavily involved in -- Little Elvis skipped it this year -- in the middle of June.

Then, we took the boys on a big road trip at the end of June/beginning of July. We came home, and immediately had to start cleaning the house to prep for a failed neighborhood camp. I will probably not write about it, because I'm frustrated.

But, during all of the stuff with us finishing up baseball, acting, prepping for trips, taking trips, planning things, etc., I got a job!!

Cheese Puff got accepted into our area's pre-K program. Both of his brothers went through it, and had wonderful experiences. He will go to school 5 days a week, from 7:30-2:30.

I mentioned to a friend back in April that I wanted to start looking for a job if he got in. She said she had a part time job coming up in August that would be 9-2, Monday-Friday. It seemed too good to be true, but it worked out! I will start training the week after next, and am very excited.

It's at a local department store. Little Elvis is thrilled, because it's kind of ritzy. Cheese Puff doesn't really care. But Baby Plum told me he didn't want me to go back to work. I told him that he wouldn't even really notice a difference. I would be at work while he was in school, and I would still pick him up. He seemed to accept that.

So, things are about to change a good bit for our little house. I'm hoping that we will adapt, and that things will go well.

Monday, July 04, 2016

Let's play catch-up

We are behind, and I'm a bad picture taker! Luckily, my mom does a better job, so I will get some pictures from her.

At the beginning of June we went with my parents to Chattanooga and Gatlinburg! The boys had a great time, and the travel wasn't too bad. We went in separate cars, and they were somewhat split up.

We all had a lot of fun! We even got to go to Dollywood! Little Elvis' roller coaster phobia is still going strong, but we got him to go on a few rides. They have a cute little carnival section with rides that aren't too stressful. All three boys loved that area.

Baby Plum seemed like he loved the rides, but on one of the last ones, he might have hinted to me that he didn't. I think he was just trying to be more easy going than Little Elvis about rides for our sake. We felt guilty about that, but Baby Plum doesn't seem stunted. But my dad hurt his back riding one of them, and is still suffering from it.

One day, we walked around Gatlinburg's city looking for state shirts for Baby Plum (will explain at a later time) and I actually managed to take a couple of pictures.
Little Elvis really likes to eat these days!
So does Baby Plum!

We took the older two boys to a minor league baseball game, and Bob suggested we take pictures, so we did.
 Here's the whole family.
Here are our sluggers. Little Elvis loved that they played silly music when the other team batted. I think the Barney theme song had him laughing the hardest.