Tuesday, July 12, 2016

DC fun!

On the third day of our trip, we visited the National Mall in D.C. We took the boys to American History museum and Air and Space Museum.
Excuse the fuzzy photo. They made picture holders in one area of the museum.
Little Elvis got to practice at being a DJ. We loved that he got to do this.
He also posed on a big old timey bike.
Of course his two brothers had to, as well.
What a fun bike!
A big part of the day? Seeing Elmo!!
We had to go by the White House, naturally. Little Elvis plans to live there some day. He told Baby Plum he could be the Vice President, and was thrilled to learn that would mean Baby Plum would be in a different house.
Look at my sweet boys all holding hands!

We only took one picture at the Air and Space museum. We're pretty sure they are in front of a plane.