Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hot fun in the summertime

We're not caught up with vacation pics, but I need to upload and download (or something) some video from my phone. I'm not in the mood to learn something new this evening, so... My mom sent some pics of Baby Plum and Cheese Puff playing in our sprinkler a couple of weeks ago.
This is before the loss of curls. My mom thinks Baby Plum looks just like Little Elvis in these pics. One of my friends saw a picture of a shorn Cheese Puff, and said HE looked just like Little Elvis. I'm keeping these to myself, because Little Elvis has decided he doesn't want to look like his brothers.
They've been having lots of fun with yard games this year. They had a blast playing Ladder Ball with Uncle Rob, and we found a ladder ball game on sale at our local grocery store. Even though that's a really random place to find a great priced ladder ball game, we got it. We also bought a paddle ball set. The boys love ladder ball (or their version) but aren't quite coordinated enough for paddleball. This prompted my parents to set up their croquet set, and the boys LOVE it! They played it last week while I was at work, and when we went for evening visits they played. I think Baby Plum loves it the most. He's our game player, and is willing to practice at things. They played some this afternoon, and my parents said there's a notable improvement.

So, despite the ridiculous heat, we love yard games.

In fact, the evening that these pictures were taken, a neighbor stopped by to tell me how much he loved hearing the boys laugh and play in the yard. That was sweet. Glad it's a pleasant sound, because they can be pretty loud!


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Sometimes, I think laughter doesn't need to be your own to make you feel good. It's so cool that your kids are brightening other's days. The photos look like fun, too! I keep eyeing a badminton set for our kids. It might just barely fit in our yard. ;-) I have fond memories from childhood - but haven't taken the plunge yet.

11:46 PM  
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