Thursday, August 04, 2016

End of the trip

We have reached the end of our vacation photos! Our final stop was to visit Bob's dad and stepmom. While in town, we stopped at a science museum.
Their town has these dinosaurs all around. The boys liked this blue one a lot.
The museum had a big feature on guitars. This is the world's largest playable guitar!
They also did a "hair raising" show on static electricity. Little Elvis is holding a hand full of floating paper bits. The boy closest to the ball is generating the electricity. It was cool. Their hair was also floating.
On our way home, we stopped to get gas, and this Flintstones car was in front of a car wash! How cool is that? We just stumbled upon Fred Flintstone's wheels. The boys had no clue who Fred Flintstone was.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

That Flintstone car is crazy cool! I had to look up Flintstone a year or so ago on Youtube after I bought Flintstone vitamins and the kids were like, "What!? That's who?!"

4:37 PM  
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