Sunday, August 14, 2016

Finally downloaded pictures from the camera!

These are pictures taken over the summer.
I have no clue what was going on here. Sometimes the boys get up, and want to dress up in costumes. Cheese Puff must have dug this out of the costume bench that morning.
How do you eat toast with jelly? Baby Plum dives face first into the middle of the slice of bread.
I attempted to do a neighborhood camp this summer. Although people told me they would show up--they didn't. I think it was my fault, for scheduling it for the weekend they suggested. Fun times. Anyway, for the first day, the boys baked cookies for the city men working in the neighborhood. And they prepped welcome baskets for new people who moved into our neighborhood. They made pancake mix for the welcome baskets.
This is their Thank you note for the men working to repair our neighborhood's drainage system. It's hot. We took them iced water, cookies and thank you note signs.
Some people in the neighborhood did donate items for the welcome baskets.
A friend of Cheese Puff's from school came to the camp the second day. His mom brought his siblings and friends, so we had a nice turn out for one day of camp.

Next year, if I do this, it will be for friends of the boys (or of us adults.) I'd rather not do all the planning just for my kids. I like getting them into different environs.

The boys did have fun. I was just very frustrated. This past year was very difficult for me on a social level. Lots of people that I thought of as friends let us (me and the boys) down repeatedly. I felt horrible for months and months. And when stuff happened, I tended to think it was my fault. I tend to believe the saying about the common denominator, and I was the common denominator. Still, despite the awful stuff, I found that I did have some good friends. I also learned to stick up for myself a lot more. I may not have as many friends as I thought, but I'm learning who the good ones are. I'm also trying (very hard) to be a better friend myself.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I feel like I've been experiencing a fair amount of disappointment lately with friends, too. I tend to respond by burrowing deeper into my cave and pouting. I don't know, it's not healthy for me. Sometimes, I think I just have too many eggs in one basket. That basket would be the one that holds around my family and kids. And when stuff isn't going well at home, there's no where/nothing else for distraction so I crash big. It's like I need to get out and stretch my legs and find some new friends that aren't all tied up in my family. Maybe? I don't know.

11:26 PM  
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