Sunday, September 25, 2016

Baby Plum's a big 7 year old!

Today is Baby Plum's birthday! He's 7. We had his birthday party yesterday, on the day he selected. He's been planning his party since February, when his brothers both had birthday parties.
 Our huge fan of the states had a "state party." Know what that is? We just made it up. My children (my fault most likely) like to pick random things for parties. Little Elvis' 7th birthday party was a Pixar party. Who knows what Cheese Puff will pick for his 7th birthday party.
We made a red, white and blue cake and cut it in the shape of the contiguous United States. Hawaii and Alaska were left off, because we are not that talented. The cake had a red layer and blue layer with white frosting. We also served 'Kentucky' Fried Chicken, 'Texas' toast and 'Hawaiian' Punch, and U.S.-shaped cookies. He was very happy with his state themed food selection, although he refused to try the Texas toast. Only one child tried the Texas toast.
 He enjoyed most of his presents. He got games, (even some geography themed ones!)
a globe(!) from Gram and Coachpa
 and some Nutella (also from Gram and Coachpa.) Baby Plum LOVES Nutella almost as much as he loves states and geography.
We got him this cool shirt with all of the southeastern states on it (to save us from buying or making those state shirts.) He is wearing it backwards, because he wanted to see the states. Hopefully, when he wears it in the future, he will wear it the proper way.

Baby Plum is truly a sweet child. Bob calls him the glue that holds his two (very similar) brothers together. Where they are loud, he is quiet. Where they are temperamental, he is calm (usually.) Although he is quiet, he's a pretty social child. He has several buddies at school, and was thrilled when his best friend came to his party. They had a great time!

Baby Plum is a listener, who usually puts a decent amount of thought in before he speaks. At least, it seems that way to us.

His teacher told my parents that he was her best student, and was "perfect." We realize that he's not, but it was nice to hear.  During pre-school, I felt like his teachers didn't even realize he was there, because he was so quiet. Last year, he had the same teacher that Little Elvis had in Kindergarten. She called him by Little Elvis' name all the time. (Not intentionally, and it didn't bother Baby Plum. We all LOVE that teacher.) This year, his teacher didn't know his older brother. She just knows Baby Plum.

Baby Plum loves states, geography, reading, math, games, puzzles, mind games and soccer. He's in the kid's musical this year as Oompa Loompa number 2, and wants to be the Roadrunner for Halloween.

His favorite foods are cheeseburgers, fish, applesauce, almost anything chocolate or sweet, and pretzels.

His favorite song to karaoke? It's a toss up between Love Shack by the B-52s and Faith by George Michael. We just got a new set of 80s songs, and he seems to really like the 80s rockers like Little Elvis does. I think Baby Plum is a U2 fan.

He's not a big talker, but sometimes when he gets in the car after school, he chatters almost non-stop until we get home.

He still sucks his thumb, although that seems to be getting much better. I feel like he doesn't do it in public anymore. He seems to wait until he's at home or at my parents' house.

Baby Plum is also our least huggable child. He's not touchy-feely like his brothers. He will hug, but it's grudgingly. Sometimes, he will sit in my lap, but it's very rare. I try not to make a big deal about it when it happens.

He's developed a love of neckties, and likes to wear them with golf shirts. He's definitely got his own fashion sense, and is confident in his choices. He has some super bright orange socks that he loves. He also has about 10 "state" shirts that we've found for him. If it has an outline of a state on it, he will love it.

Baby Plum still wants to be a weatherman when he grows up, because he wants to be just like his Daddy (still his absolute favorite person in the world.) He also loves teaching Cheese Puff when he gets home from school. Cheese Puff can count to 100, do doubles addition and read small words, all thanks to Baby Plum.

We love this sweet, quiet little boy. And are so proud of him. I will stop gushing now.