Sunday, October 23, 2016

Year Pictures!

We have taken some year pictures of the boys -- kind of late, per usual. We took 4-year-old pictures of Cheese Puff and 9-year-old pictures of Little Elvis in July. Their birthdays are in February. Baby Plum turned 7 in September. We took pictures two weeks ago. Catching up.. a little bit.

We try to let them show their favorite things from the year with their year pictures. Baby Plum has discovered a love of ties. So, my mom and I got him a dapper hat and blazer to go with his new tie I got him for his birthday. He LOVED the new duds.
Showing off his new dressy clothes.
He lost both front teeth since this picture. Our timing was good, but I'm not thrilled about the background.
I wanted to take Cheese Puff's pictures before we cut his hair off. We may rethink that. But, we let him wear pajamas for his year picture, because the child LOVES pajamas. He decided to pose with Puppy. He loves stuffies, too.
I like his smile in this one.
Little Elvis loves basketball now. He also likes sporty clothes.
I wasn't happy with his outfit, so I think we pick the close ups of all three.

Now I just have to order them and print them. Maybe I'll get that done by the time Little Elvis and Cheese Puff age up in February.


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