Saturday, April 29, 2017

Calming down

Things are starting to slow down a little bit around our little family. The Spring play is over! It was a success, but a lot of work. (And I wasn't even the director!) That gives us 4 nights a week back, and means we don't have to eat supper at 4 p.m. anymore. Although, my stomach starts really growling at 5 now.

Soccer is also over. That means that we are no longer double to triple booked on two nights a week! Both of the youngers seem to really enjoy soccer. Baby Plum always smiles when he's playing, but never seems to really give it his all. He had one game about 2 weeks ago where he surprised every one of us! He ran faster than we've ever seen him run. He got two shots on the goal, which is impressive for a non-aggressive child who prefers to be a defender. It was great! Cheese Puff actually scored two goals in his last game, which I missed because I was watching Baby Plum's game. Bob and I tag teamed their games as best as we could. So Bob got to see his goals.

Baby Plum opted out of baseball this year, but Cheese Puff wanted to continue with T-ball. It starts up as soon as soccer ends, but he doesn't seem to mind. He likes hitting and running. I like T-ball. The pressure just isn't there.

As for the play, we thought Little Elvis did a great job. He was loud, and cute, and now likes to say that, "People say I stole the show." I told him that he didn't really need to go around saying that. He could just think it to himself. He seems to be okay with this.

Since school starts so early around here, we will be getting out pretty soon. The boys are excited. I think Bob is, too.