Monday, April 03, 2017

Small steps

It's been a very long time. I think we just needed a break. Unfortunately, that break included me not taking as many pictures as I used to. The boys are growing, and being cute. And what do I do? Not document it.

We have a few cute ones, though.
Here the boys are dressed up. Baby Plum loves to dress up. He likes to wear his tie, hat and Chuck Taylors. The other two are agreeable sometimes. I'm hoping to get Cheese Puff to wear a seersucker hat on Easter. We'll see if that works.

Lots has happened while we've been quiet on blogger.
Image may contain: 1 person, standing
Bob won an award for Community College online teacher of the year (it had a different name, but that's what it is.) A couple of days after winning that award, he headed for California to participate in the SOFIA program. He and another local teacher got to fly way up into the upper atmosphere with a special research telescope. They flew 10,000 feet higher than regular airplanes. March was a big month!
February was a big month for all of us. Excuse the blurry picture. Little Elvis turned 10, and got to watch 2 professional basketball games! And Cheese Puff turned 5, and had a birthday party with only girls in attendance. He is quite the Casanova in his classroom.
Some random group shots. Since Little Elvis loves basketball, they all do. Cheese Puff is holding my friend's fake knife. She loaned it to me, and we lost it. We found it, and I wanted to send her a picture about our discovery. I think it's just a cute picture.
We started our Spring Break vacation by visiting a brand new, nearby IKEA!! We met Bob on his way back from his SOFIA trip. The boys kind of liked the store. We found a couple of fun things, but nothing big. They each brought money, and Cheese Puff bought himself a stuffed animal.
Little Elvis decided to participate in another play. Here he is in his costume. Baby Plum is kind of waving in the background here.
Aside from acting, Little Elvis has really gotten into drawing. He's always doodling. Last night, he decided he needed to draw elephants. So, he found a picture in the encyclopedia, and drew it. We were very impressed! I've been talking to people about getting him in an art camp this summer. He certainly doesn't have formal training. This is a long way from the child who refused to pick up pencils or crayons.
This one did not have a birthday in February. But he's still had stuff going on. Here's a selfie he took at the store where I work. The boys were there to be in a clothing ad. Baby Plum refused to model then, but...
Image may contain: 1 person, closeup and indoor
he did last week! He lost those top two teeth around Thanksgiving, and they still haven't come in. But we got some cute little Tooth Fairy pillows, and he was the perfect one to model them!

He participated in a STEM club at school last month, and had the best time. He really loves school, and homework.
So, when he saw a telephone table that my mom's friend was giving away, he had to have it as his homework table! We painted it white and reupholstered it to match our dining set. He seems to really like it.
This little one turned 5 in February. He had a small birthday party with 5 little girls in attendance. He invited one friend that was a boy who wasn't able to come. He definitely didn't mind. The girls were hilarious. His teacher says she can't figure out what it is, other than that he's just super nice. All of the kids want to play with him, and they think it's a big deal when he plays with them. But whatever it is, girls LOVE him.
And the feeling is mutual. Here he is with professional cheerleaders at one of the pro basketball games we went to for Little Elvis. He loves ALL females, no matter the age.

So, that's a small catch up on us. I've been bad about keeping in touch with lots of people. Hopefully, this will spur me to be a better friend and family member.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

It is so nice to see you back! I've missed you! And the boys' smiling faces are pretty wonderful, too! ;-)

3:51 PM  
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