Sunday, May 14, 2017

NFL Shelf

Bob's school year is over. He usually beats the boys by about a week and a half. Where I would take the time to relax, he starts in on some projects.

A couple of weeks ago at a sale, I found a collection of plastic football helmets for every NFL team. They look kind of like cake decorations. The boys love them. But they destroyed the plastic container they came in. I asked Bob if he could make a shelf.

He did me one better.
This is what he built with his first day off by himself. 
The boys were thrilled.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Busy boys, busy town

We had a very busy weekend this weekend. Being in the south, early spring (which honestly started in January this year) is the best time of year to hold festivals. It's pretty, but not super hot. There was a LOT going on in our little town, and the boys got to enjoy a good bit of it this weekend.

We started out Saturday morning with a local Shriner "film festival." The boys got to pick between two film options, and they selected "Monster Trucks." I was not excited, but it was a cute movie (for what it was.) The boys loved it.

The movie theatre also happened to be the starting point for a local old car show. So we parked my 10 year old car amidst lots of beautifully restored super old cars and looked at them before they took off.

We left the film festival and headed for a very local festival celebrating an old burger shop that used to be in a little silver trailer. They served "dough" burgers, which I believe are a holdover from the depression.
 The shop also sold Moonpies. Cheese Puff and Little Elvis posed with Daddy. Little Elvis liked the dough burgers.
 Cheese Puff refused the burger, but loved the Moon Pie.
Baby Plum ate about half of the burger.

We left that festival and roamed around our downtown for a while, and then went to a Nerf birthday party. It was extremely boy friendly, and ALL of the boys loved it. They had set up little cardboard forts. Several dads participated, and I thought it was such a great, fun idea.

We enjoyed the beautiful weather. Next weekend is also super big for our area. We have a really big art festival. Then in two weeks, we have another big festival. Our little town certainly loves to celebrate the spring!